1. Preparation for sampling

Please follow the instructions provided by your health unit. Many factors, such as diet, coffee, alcohol, tobacco and physical exertion, may have an effect on laboratory test results. 

If you have not received specific instructions, please avoid

  • alcohol and heavy physical exertion 24 hours before the sampling
  • smoking one hour before sampling. 

if necessary, you can pick up supplies for home sampling at your nearest sampling point. It is important that you use a sample container provided by your health unit or the laboratory.

Please bring your Kela card or another ID card displaying your social security number.

2. Arriving at the sampling point

Please make sure you arrive for sampling approx. 15 minutes before the scheduled time to normalise your blood pressure. You will be called in for sampling based on the serving number you received relative to your appointment within 10 minutes of your appointment time.

If the sampling point offers sampling without an appointment and you have not booked an appointment, please take a serving number. Thus, you will be served in order according to your serving number. Please follow sampling point-specific instructions. Sampling points are usually busier between 7 and 9 a.m. Please avoid this time unless your test requires fasting.

While waiting for the sampling, please take off your outer garments and take out your Kela card.


3. During sampling

When you go in for sampling, your laboratory referral will be allocated using the barcode from your Kela or ID card. You will also be asked to provide your personal information for us to be able to verify the provided information. 

You can get your laboratory results from the health unit that made the referral, which is also responsible for organising any follow-up treatment. Your health unit will register your results in the Omakanta service.